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In addition to operating the Boston Fire Museum, one of the most important community services The Boston Sparks Association, Inc. offers is the mobile Rehab/Canteen service provided by our response vehicles A-10 and A-11.

A-10 and A-11 are equipped to support a multitude of Rehab/Canteen type incidents with the equipment carried on board.

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A-10 is a 1997 International/Horton former ambulance converted to operate as a rehab/canteen vehicle.

A-11 is a 2001 Ford Expedition outfitted to provide equipment and supply delivery support to A-10 in the field.

The Boston Sparks Association has provided canteen and now rehab service to the Metro Boston area since 1960. We have extensive experience in this area with many thousands of hours of volunteer time devoted to the care and comfort of the public safety workers in our area. All of this at no charge to these agencies and its members.

We will respond to any request for service from any public safety agency. We have a predetermined response area that results in our automatic response within the Metrofire District but remain available for any emergency that we can provide assistance at.

The Boston Sparks Association and A-10 have been recognized for our services by the Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts, The Boston Firefighters Local 718 and The Massachusetts State Police among other groups.

The services of A-10 can be requested through Boston Fire/Metrofire by calling 617-343-2880 or via the Metrofire Radio System.

Our mission is to offer experienced rehab/canteen support and assistance to the public safety agencies involved in the incident mitigation.

We have established an extensive repore and collaboration with the departments and agencies we work with and have a great working relationship with other emergency response groups such as Rehab 5, The Providence Canteen, Boston EMS, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Cataldo Ambulance, Professional Ambulance and Armstrong Ambulance among others.

One of the incident support situations that distinguishes us from others is the support we offer to agencies with critical needs during a line of duty funeral. A-10 has provided rehab and logistical support to many agencies during these difficult times including many area fire departments and the Massachusetts State Police who have been tasked with rehab support for these large scale events. A-10 crews have worked successfully to provide logistical support for the serving of thousands who attend these funerals sometimes in the heat of the summer or the cold of winter, providing rehab and comfort during these large gatherings. Although this service is rendered not in an urgent climate it is none the less as important to maintain proper hydration and care to those who come to pay their respects.

In addition to the rehab, hydration and simple snacks provided during the many short duration incidents we also provide more substantive food stuffs during prolonged events. Among the examples of the long term support we have provided are servings consisting of bag lunch style food for 175 firefighters, police officers, MBTA Personnel and emergency workers during the unfortunate Green Line Train Derailment in Newton. We were on scene for over 8 hours at this incident.

Another recent incident was the January 2010 six alarm apartment house fire in Malden where we initially started with hot chocolate, coffee and donuts and progressed to serving over 50 Pizzas, and 100 hamburgers donated by local businesses as the incident duration lengthened. A-10 operated for over 6 hours at this incident.

A-10 and its crews take the initiative to foresee the event duration and its possible effect on the firefighters operating at these incidents and work to see that these issues are addressed and handled so that the incident commander can focus on the task at hand.

We maintain an in house stock of over 30 cases of water, 25 cases of Gatorade, various snacks, edibles, clean towels and incident support equipment in our quarters at 344 Congress St., the former fire station of Engine 39 and Ladder 18 located in the Fort Point Channel section of South Boston. In addition we have the in house capacity to make 400 pounds of ice per day and we stock 20 ten pound bags of ice in our freezer for immediate use. We respond out the door with 4 cases of water and 4 cases of Gatorade pre-cooled for use right away upon our arrival at a scene.

The volunteer members of A-10 and A-11 consist of active and retired fighters, EMT’s/Paramedics and all have attended formal EMS/Rehab training and are comfortable at an emergency scene.

The Boston Sparks Association receives donations from individuals, corporate entities as well as other nonprofits and these donations are greatly appreciated. Our entire operating budget is formed from donations from generous benefactors. We receive no financial support from the City of Boston or any other municipal agency.

Some of our most ardent benefactors are the local fire department unions who have supported us over the years with generous donations to support our mission of “Serving those who Serve Us”.

Donations and Support

As the Boston Sparks Association is a nonprofit 501 C (3) corporation all donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated.

We are always accepting donations of equipment, bottled water and Gatorade as well as various snacks to support our efforts.

If you have items such as this and would like to donate to this worthy cause please contact us at 617-338-9700 or via e-mail and we will arrange pick up.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to our association please feel free to use the Pay-Pal link on our site or by US Mail and we thank you for your support!

How Boston Sparks acquired A10 (the original)

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