Boston Sparks Association Seal

Year – 2018 Officers

Office Name Term Ends*
President Paul Boudreau 2019
Vice-President Brian Kerins Jr 2019
Secretary Peter G. Sturgis 2018
Treasurer Bill Hodges 2018

Board of Directors

Director Dan Paglia 2018
Director David Walsh 2018
Director Anthony Fowler 2019
Director Will Warnock 2019
Director Stephen Corbett 2020
Director Patrick Dooley 2020

*Please note:  Officers and Directors are elected in December and take office at the January meeting.  The year listed here for the term to expire is the year an election will be held for the office.

The 2005 revision to the by-laws changed the term of  Officers to 2 years with President and Vice President elected in odd numbered years and Secretary and Treasurer elected in even numbered years

The revisions also reduced the number of at-large Directors to 6 with only 2 being elected each year beginning in 2005. The term of 3 years was not changed.